How do you effectively clean tiles?

Remove any debris by sweeping or vacuuming, and then use a mild detergent, clean water and a cloth to remove any dirt.

How to keep grout looking clean for longer?

After using a shower or bath, simply dry off the tiles. This prevents water, soap and shampoo from potentially dulling the grout and keeps it in good condition.

Can you tile over old tiles?

You can, but the surface must be solid, level, and free from mold and mildew. It is essential that these criterias are met to make sure that your new tiles are proplerly installed and there is no risk of them coming loose.

How long should you leave tiles to dry before grouting?

24 to 48 Hours.

You may be tempted to do it before,  but don’t risk it. Although the tiles may look dry round the edges, the middle needs to cure before you risk grouting them.

Can you replace a single cracked tile on a floor or wall?

You can, it is quite an easy task. Simly break out the existing tile, and take care around the existing grout. Then piece in the replacement tile and re-grout. We are always avaialbe to take care of these small jobs if necessary.

What size tiles should you use in a small room?

A larger tile will normally make a room seem bigger then it is For example a 16″ or 19″ tile would work best opposed to a 12″ tile, another trick is make sure the grout lines are the same colour as the tiles that you are using.

This is a photo of bathroom tiling carried out by Eastbourne Tiling Solutions

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